The Modern DJ

Most of us would agree that a party is not a party if there is no music. Music is what keeps the party going whether you dancing to the beat or chatting to your friends at the top of your voice. What we often fail to wonder is where the music comes from at a party and how it is being mixed. Short of pressing stop and flipping the cassette around, the modern DJ has ditched the vinyl and tapes for an all new high tech spin machine.
The revolution started with the compact disc DJ. This machine read a standard compact disc and had a jog wheel mounted at the top. These jog wheels allowed the DJ freedom to rewind and fast forward through CD’s to get the right beat. It also allowed for scratching as we know it, allowing DJs to produce loops and catchy beats. The CD DJ was a popular machine but like all technology, there is a new kid on the block.
We present to you the iDJ and it’s not another Apply device, we promise. The intelligent DJ is the new revolution in the DJ world. This nifty gadget is a controller which you can plug straight into your computer as another USB device. It allows you to mix, scratch, fade and do everything a professional DJ setup can do for a fraction of the cost. Plug it straight into your laptop and use your entire music library to mix music virtually, using the iDJ controller interface to do it all. We have noticed more and more DJ’s using this device at parties locally already. It opens up a world of convenience, as we all know how much of equipment a DJ used to carry around to parties. Nowadays, all a DJ is carrying to the party is their trusty laptop, an iDJ, perhaps a mixer and that’s it. Amazing to see how far gadgets have evolved in the music industry.

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