There’s a new tablet in town – Acer

By now we all know about the tablet pc market and watched how it’s turned from thick lagging devices to ultra sleek frames of magic. The brands associated with having the best tablets are of course Apple and Samsung. Both manufacturers come up with regular updates of their machines and bring them to market fairly quickly. However, so far there has been little attention paid to the low end tablet market.

Acer, a company well known for their laptops in South Africa has announced that they will be bringing out a series of Ultrabooks and tablets that will stand alongside the likes of Apple and Samsung. Now, Acer have tried before but with their prices being so out of stance with the other brands, they fell to the way side. They will not be making this mistake again and are aiming their new line of products at the “no name generic market”, this is the area of imported devices from the east that are able to run Android and are most of the time not functional enough for high demand use.

They will be bringing out their first unit called the B1 which will be a 7 inch tablet running Android jelly bean with a 1.2GHz processor. Total weight of the device comes in at just 320 grams. Damien Durrant, country sales manager for Acer in South Africa, has said that consumers can expect to pay between R1400 and R1700 for the device. That seems like quite a bargain for a 7 inch tablet with a premium brand name behind it.

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