Turtle Shell 2.0

Not too long ago Outdoor Tech released their latest wireless boom box. We have been searching for it for some time and finally came across it online at Mantality. The ‘Turtle Shell 2.0’ is one of the most rugged, water resistant Bluetooth speakers around right now. From the outside the device looks very interesting, made up of triangular patterns that face various directions. So it’s not your usual box style wireless speaker. The idea behind this innovative design is to allow the device to provide ‘omni-directional’ sound which fills the room. We were also impressed with the standard camera threading built into the base which will allow you to mount the speaker to a tripod or Outdoor Tech’s ‘Turtle Claw’. The device runs Bluetooth 4.0 and has a built in mic which makes it great for making conference calls wirelessly. In terms of battery, Outdoor Tech have listened to the fans and packed the 2.0 with 16 hours worth of playing time.

Get your own Turtle Shell 2.0 this weekend from www.mantality.co.za for R1799, includes free delivery.

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