Uncharted 4 – A Thiefs End

If you have not played this game yet, get your copy this weekend. Definitely one game, if you followed the uncharted series, that you do not want to miss. We played through most of the levels and scenarios and it really is some of the best fun we have had since Super Mario.


The combination of action and storyline works in such harmony that you don’t want the game to end. Naughty Dog, the development team, have crafted something really beautiful here and it’s not the ‘Tomb Raider’ clone everyone would expect. The lead character ‘Nathan Drake’ is on a quest to find long lost pirate treasure and is tested to the limit in the jungles of Madagascar. As the player you need to make decisions which deal with loss, betrayal, regret and redemption. In its entirety we would peg it as one of the best games from Naughty Dog right now.

Get it on Playstation 4 now at BT Games for around R699, available this weekend.

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