Virtual Reality

In a previous article we spoke about virtual reality goggles that were not restricted to one Smartphone or manufacturer. After that article we received so much of fan mail about other devices that are on the market including ‘VR Box’ which is now available in South Africa. Below is a list of our top VR App picks that can be downloaded right now:

Qube Residence

This is a great ‘first time experience’ app to try out. ‘Qube’ Residence is a virtual 360 degree adventure where you take a tour of a house with modern designs. It’s simple but effective and gets you used to the concept of Virtual Reality.


This one is definitely a benchmark example of the capability of VR right now. It is an interesting mix of storytelling with sweeping landscapes and graphics. Although it offers a great experience, this app is having issues with transferring to SD card, other than that it is a must to download. If you love this app, check out ‘Jaunt’, a close competitor to VRSE.

Darkness Roller Coaster VR

The Play Store is alight with this one, everyone wants it, probably the reason why it will now cost six Rand. Out of all the rollercoaster VR apps we tried out, this one is the best on Android now. The player is    taken on a virtual ride through a dark world filled with live scenery. It boasts 7 minutes of quality content and well worth the download. We did find it useful to close all other apps before running this one as it really needs the phone memory to operate smoothly.

Youtube 3D

Youtube recently launched its 360 degree video content which creates an immersive experience and is great for first time VR users. From advertisements to going skydiving, there is a host of videos to watch with you VR headset. Our pick here would be from Youtuber ‘Dawn Richard’, check out his video titled “Not above That”.

All these apps are available on the Google Play Store for download right now with some versions also available on itunes.

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