Virtual Screens

Way back in the 80’s the invention of virtual reality games with simple graphics and clunky head gear was invented. We remember playing some of those games in arcades and it definitely was a quite an experience. The problem these systems faced was that the head gear with the virtual screen was heavy and the screen itself could only be used for low quality graphics.

Virtual Screen

However, technology has come a long way since then and virtual screens have become much better. We tested the video glasses from “Mantality” . These glasses are as small as a pair of reading glasses with a slightly thicker front and have built in earphones. The unit offers the viewer a full 84 inch size simulated virtual display to watch videos. It also creates the effect that the screen is a mere 2 metres away. So you probably are wondering how? Any video Ipod, Ipad or video playing device or gaming device can be plugged to the glasses. The device then optimizes the picture quality for viewing.

This device really signals the next generation of virtual reality.


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