World’s First Liquid Plastic Welder

We have all tried to fix something with glue before, whether it was your favourite plastic toy or a priceless ceramic object. The usual routine is to try and fix it and if doesn’t work then the item is thrown into the bin. Let us also not forget about the fact that when we need glue, the only bottle we can find is a 3 month old bottle that has all dried up.

‘Bondic’ is a new product on the market that works where glue fails. Inside the tube is a form of liquid plastic that is water proof and heat resistant. The process works the same as standard glues namely; Clean, Fill, cure but uses a UV light to help it set. It will work on Metal, wood, Kevlar, ceramic and many more materials.  Since it is plastic it can be used to do a little more like mold making, filling, sealing and raised marking.

This cool product is now available in South Africa from mentality, an online retailer, for around R595. We would grab one as soon as possible, it really is ‘the next big thing’ in adhesives and light DIY repair.

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